Habitual Jump Training

A habitual jump training program is very effective for increasing your vertical jump. It involves repeatedly jumping over and over so your body will become accustomed, and improve in jumping. The muscle fiber recruitment for habitual jump training does not necessarily involve the growing of your muscles, but the improved performance of them.

Habitual Jump Training *Pt. 2

Fiber recruitment is the amount of muscle fiber that is recruited, or used for a particular exercise. Because habitual jump training is done at a lower intensity, the fiber recruitment is going to be lower which makes for no muscle growth. However, if you engage in habitual jump training and haven’t trained in the past, you will see some strength gains.

Habitual Jump Training Pt. 3: Neuro-muscular Patterns

A nueromuscular pattern is any type of skill that you are using your muscles for. This could be any skill, for example jumping training. Any time you jump, there are neuromuscular patterns that are in place, which helps you jump better. By jumping habitually ( jumping over and over in a series of sets), you will strengthen these neuromuscular patterns, thus helping the performance of your jump.