Hello? Is this thing on? (Tap,Tap)

Sheesh. I had to push away cobwebs to get into this space. I am on this computer constantly, but alas and alack not to blog. In fact my trusty laptop is probably more worn out than i am, as the spacekeysticks, as does the ttttttt key but hey, it’s a Mac and I have Apple Care so – as soon as i can peel my fingertips off of these keys i’ll bring it in for a tune-up and probably a new keyboard!

So Barb Dybwad has moved in and made quite a cozy nest over at the Social Software Weblog. Quite nice actually but… now Barb, Engadget Editor Extraordinaire, and seriously Social Software weblogger (who also muses in about five other places as well as prolifically posting photos to flickr) has agreed to join me as Associate Editor here at Weblogs, Inc.! Now, if you’ve moseyed on over to our homepage in the recent past, then you already know about Barb’s Associate Editor’ness, and i am the one who has been woefully negligent in making a formal announcement about how insanely ecstatic i am about this!

Jason has taken to calling me/her, us, Judith/Barb or Barb/Judith. Which actually touches on a sweet and tender spot for me as i can hear my father – who died when i was just 13 – calling ”KathBarbJudeLucy”! A combination of the beginning of the names of myself and three of my sisters. And so, I am quite honored to be referred to as Judith/Barb or Barb/Judith. Especially since Barb Dybwad is such a tremendous force of nature — spinning into her role as my trusty sidekick like an exhilarating charge of energy!

We are all so very happy to have Barb leading and easing this transition period with us — juggling a bajillion balls in the air whilst i tunnel neath the mounds of bits and bytes of data defining Weblogs, Inc. and its wonderful team of bloggers — casting off on an adventurous trek to AOL-land!